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Effective November 2014:
  • Basic Links for Idaho travel/tourist websites are FREE.
  • Basic Links for Businesses are FREE.
  • Basic Links for Retail Stores are FREE.
  • Basic Links for Real Estate Agencies are FREE.
  • Basic Links for Places of worship are FREE.
  • Basic Links for Colleges are FREE.

    NOTE: We have been online since 1995, and now have 20 states online. Why not join us and watch your website traffic increase... and, more importantly, help your business grow?
  • The Visitors Network promotes travel, recreation and tourism as well as real estate agencies in the state and offers FREE links to any business of any type in the state. We are NOT affiliated with the government.

    A FREE basic link is just a link. No descriptions, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. are posted with it. Your FREE link will be placed into the category you request and will show up in the county in which you do business.

    If you are requesting a Link with the Idaho Visitors Network complete the form below and click the "Submit Request" button. If you purchase anything on this page a credit card is required.

    Visitors Network Rates

    Travel Advisor
    The chart on the left shows how links are rotated in our database. Gold will always be on top, followed by silver and then the rest.

    If you wish to consider our top level packages, (GOLD and SILVER - starting around $200.00/yr and $100.00/yr respectively) contact our hassle-free sales representative at 252-838-0073 because GOLD and SILVER memberships involve banner creation and specific placements to maximize your exposure across the site - exposure which includes multiple Categories and Counties. GOLD and SILVER memberships generally pay for themselves with one or two bookings in a year. The rest is your profit.

    GOLD and SILVER memberships also include displaying your "travel advisor" logo if you have one. We accept credit card payments and monthly payment arrangements are available for these services. You can also E-mail for inquiries.

    GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE links all get 25-35 words to entice people to click on the links to your website.

    FACEBOOK LINKS, (links to your Facebook page), and COPPER links are simple links, highlighted in blue or light green and, as you can see from the chart, are both placed above the free links but below GOLD and SILVER link packages.

    All links and packages are good for one year. You will receive a call or a renewal notice at the end of the year and can decide to renew or not.

    BRONZE links, FACEBOOK links and COPPER links can be ordered online using the form below.

    All paid links have the added advantage of showing up on the first page of results on our high traffic site search engine... where you will find no free links.

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    $45.00/year (less than .13 cents a day)
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    $24.00/year (less than .07 cents a day)
    1 Category - 1 County (FREE)

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    If you purchased a bronze or copper link it will be added within 72 hours. Bronze, Facebook links and copper links are by credit card only... no invoicing. Your credit card will show a debit for the PA Visitors Network or PA VisNet LLC, our parent company.
    FREE links will be added as our workload allows, (usually within a week).